Paul Rubin
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I’m a writer, traveller and  detox enthusiast. Anything that brings me closer to a state of happiness and balance is completely celebrated.

My own search began out of desperation. Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome – an icy slap in the face I received a couple of years ago that sparked a complete emotional, physical and spiritual shift. I have made dramatic lifestyle changes since, and continue to search and morph.

Each day I learn more. Each experience enriches my lifestyle and understanding. It’s an empowering and joyous journey and a continuous one. I’m  no expert – but for those interested at a glimpse at what’s working for me and the adventures this exploration brings, follow on…



Jessa Chapman
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The only real medicine is finding and living your truth. I have been doing this since I officially left the USA in 2012. I left behind friends, family, possessions, a job and a salary cheque, for an unknown life. Since then I have become a teacher and explorer of my truths, learning how to heal and live from the soul.
Areas that created the most space to make that possible for me include teaching and practicing yoga, becoming a pupil of plant medicines, and doing a lot of what some might consider nothing, while applying high consciousness (this I call: ‘The School of Me’).
I am currently living, learning and exploring in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. Although this is the most I have ever felt at home, home is indeed where the heart is and the only thing that remains constant is change.